AireGard HVLS Fans – Total Air Cool Comfort Solution

AireGard HVLS believes in technology and innovation. Our dedication throughout this journey has helped us in breaking barriers, now the leader of the first PMSM motor in Malaysia with our excellence and cutting edge technology fans, the PSX Series.

AireGard HVLS fans have been solving many problems such as heat, airflow, high cooling cost (electricity) and undurable ventilators. Constantly changing the game with excellent after sales service. AireGard HVLS are also equipped with strong technical support and professionally trained maintenance team, Gard Squad.

High Volume Low Speed, with just one fan, it is able to move high volume of air at large spaces in low speed. It means, efficiency in performance, powerful in high-tech motor, low operating costs. AireGard HVLS is now the leading industrial and commercial fan supplier and has install over 1000 HVLS Fans in Malaysia.

AireGard HVLS have a wide range of applications, including commercial and industrial settings, residential, and public areas like prayer halls, courtyard and shopping malls. It is also ideal for large and high spaces like warehouses, school halls, open event space, workshop, exhibition center and etc.


Aim to become the market leader, our comfort rests on the foundation of mutual respect through our after sales maintenance service.


Our priority mission is to provide air flow solution with cutting-edge cooling technology that offers greater comfort and cost savings than ever before.



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