Venue: W Kuala Lumpur
Series: DCB Series

“If I have the industry peers asking about this fan, I will definitely recommend to them to purchase this one.”

Interviewee: Mr Junior Johari, Liquid Manager

Venue: The Gasket Alley, PJ
Series: DC Series

“It is cost saving because it’s one fan but it can cater for a big radius.”

Interviewee: Lawson, Manager of The Gasket Alley

Venue: SMK St Mary
Series: DCB Series

“I found that it’s effective because when I stand beneath the fan it feels as if I’m standing in front of the beach and experiencing the sea breeze.”

Interviewee: Puan Chee Poh Kiem, Headmistress of SMK St. Mary’s

Venue: Masjid Gulang Gulang @ Kuala Selangor
Series: DC Series

“We are extremely satisfied with AireGard HVLS Fan because it really solved our issue with the airflow and heat.”

Interviewee: Tuan Haji Daim Tohiyat, Pengerusi Masjid Gulang Gulang Lama

Venue: Baan Thai Restaurant
Series: DCB Series

“After sales service was good. Whenever I have an issue, they will attend to me within one working day.”

Interviewee: Owner of Baan Thai

Venue: Masjid Khasyiin @ Desa Petaling
Series: Six Series

“With the HVLS Fan, we know that it will be comfortable and good air flow can be felt during congregation.”

Interviewee: Zainal Jaman, AJK JEA Masjid Desa Petaling


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